The Project



63 RESIDENCE is a modern residential building in an urban environment, situated in one of the most prosperous southern districts of Sofia – Manastirski Livadi, distributed at the foot of Vitosha mountain. With its excellent location near the junction of Todor Kableshkov Blvd. and Bulgaria Blvd., the building has a convenient connection to the city center and wide panoramic mountain views.

With its fifteen floors, 63 RESIDENCE has been designed to offer its residents a high level of comfort through functional layouts and application of quality building systems and materials.

  • 1 min by car to Bulgaria Blvd.
  • 2 min to Bulgaria Mall
  • 5 min to the South Park
  • 7 min to Vitosha mountain
  • 10 min to the center of Sofia

The building consists of:

  • Apartments – 78
  • Parking at the level of the basement – 49 parking spots
  • Outdoor parking – 33 parking spots
  • Restaurant- 1
  • Shops at the level of the ground floor – 2 premises provided
  • Technical premises
  • Common areas

Architectural project

The height and the elegant silhouette contribute to 63 RESIDENCE spotlighting.
The building is designed with clean and functional layouts and a modern façade solution.

The architectural project is performed by Studio Tankov Architects’ team.

The building is located in the plot and vertically designed so that all the housings can benefit from the unique combination of the three environmental factors – favorable geographic exposure, panorama view to Vitosha mountain and free spacious perspective. This, rarely encountered in the intensively urbanized territory of the capital, combination of external factors predetermines both – the functional distribution of individual housings and the concept of the façade design.


Implementation and conveniences

The realization of this complete and timeless interrelation between interior spaces and exterior environment requires the use of state-of-the-art building systems and materials uncompromising in their quality. The integrated design and system solutions are applied to ensure high energy efficiency, physical strength and high comfort of the building and the facade. For more information about the specific details regarding the implementation, please contact our representatives or visit our office.

  • Controlled access
  • Video surveillance and security
  • Restaurant and room service
  • Underground and overground parking facilities
  • Children’s playground
  • Easy access to public transport




The main objective of the project is high quality of living. It is realized both, within the apartments and in providing a quality environment. A landscape solution with prevailing of high tree vegetation is applied around the building. The landscape composition of 63 RESIDENCE creates the feeling as if a piece of Vitosha Mountain has been brought near the city arteries. The recreation areas, children’s playgrounds and gardens in the restaurant complete the park environment. This “luxury” in modern Sofia is important for those who appreciate the combination of home coziness and safety with nature harmony and tranquility.




The building has 15 floors of which 14 floors including 1 underroof are ground ones and 1 underground floor.

A restaurant with a capacity of 40 people as well as shop area are provided on the ground floor. For extra comfort of the residents those areas have separate entrances from the main residential part of the building. The residential floors are equipped with two elevators for 10 and 13 people as well as a staircase. The building also has an external metal emergency staircase located at the southwestern end of the building with an easy access from the corridors of each floor.


This apartment has a spacious living room, a kitchenette, a bedroom, a full bathroom and a closet, and gas supply.


The apartment has a spacious living room, a kitchen, a bedroom with a separate bathroom, a child’s room, a full bathroom and a closet, and gas supply.


The apartment has a spacious living room, a kitchen, a bedroom with a separate bathroom, two child’s rooms with a separate bathroom, a full bathroom and a closet, and gas supply.


Technical data

    The implementation of this complete and timeless interconnection between the internal spaces and the external environment imposed the use of modern construction systems and materials of uncompromising quality. In the implementation of the building and the façade are integrated project and system solutions providing energy efficiency, physical strength and high level of comfort. Some of the features regarding the implementation leading to direct benefits for the residents in terms of the standard of living in the building are:
    • Ventilated hanging façade with HPL (High Pressure Laminate) wood imitating panels and fiber cement boards with polypropylene fibers and rough surface for breaking down the raindrops and easy self-cleaning of the façade from dust and greasy vapors in the atmosphere. The thermal isolation is provided by 12 cm of mineral wool.
    • The aluminum joinery is made by a reputable German manufacturer and meets the highest class of European specifications in terms of heat and sound insulation and air and water impermeability. It is specially designed with additional internal insulators, multi-chamber EPDM central gaskets and polyamides.
    • The two-chamber, triple glazed windows with high light transmission and low thermal conductivity with best solar factor for the specific location ensuring protection from the harmful rays and overheating of the rooms.
    • The decreased level of the slabstone of the terrace is with the purpose of providing a possibility for installation of a decking system and even transition between the internal and the external space without thresholds and boards at the window displays.
    • The elastic soundproofing tiles mounted under the floor screed in the dwellings provide high level of sound insulation, maximum impact noise reduction and the heat transfer through floor construction between the dwellings.
    • Durable, quality and luxurious materials are used for the interior of the common areas. The building is equipped with high class elevators (2 elevators for 8 and 10 people)
    The building is designed with monolithic reinforced concrete beamless frame construction with vertical supporting elements of reinforced concrete columns and washers. The enclosing sides are intended to be made of 25 cm thick brickwork and external thermal insulation of 10 cm thick EPS/mineral wool.
    The internal partition walls in the dwellings are with 12 cm thickness and made of brickwork. The roof and façade panels will be implemented with relevant insulations and plasters that provide the comfort of living, completeness and durability of the construction. The building will be gasified. The heating and the provision of hot water in the building is provided by gas boilers individual for each dwelling. The water supply of the site will be from the street water main. The measurement of the water consumption for each consumer will be done by individual water-meters with pulse outputs for remote reading installed in the installation shafts and the reading of the water meters will be done in the common area at the common water meter for the building. The household and rain water of the building will be discharged in the street sewerage.
  • Fire safety
    The construction represents a residential building and is classified in functional fire hazard class (FFHC) F1, subclass F1.3. The restaurant on the ground floor is classified in FFHC F3, subclass F3.2. The garages are FFHC F5, subclass F3.2 and fire hazard category F5C.
    The structure of the building is non-combustible and made of reinforced concrete. No supporting elements made of metal and wood are used. The structure of the rood is non-combustible and made of reinforced concrete. The access to the roof is provided by an exit from the staircase of the last floor through a hatchway.
    The internal emergency staircase with double with natural illumination through the façade on each floor. The width of the staircases is 1.35 m. The final evacuation exit of the building ends with a door opening in the direction of the evacuation with dimensions 120/220 in accordance with the requirements of art. 41 of the Regulation on the Construction and Technical Rules and Norms for Ensuring Fire Safety.
    The access to the building through Todor Kableshkov Blvd. and its proximity to Bulgaria Blvd. provides extremely fast communication of the residents with the center of the city and with the neighborhoods from the whole south ring of Sofia. The residents have at their disposal a comfortable oveground parking with 33 parking sports and underground parking with a capacity of 49 parking spots most of them located in separate garage cells. The access to the underground parking is through a wide two-lane ramp proving comfortable and free movement of the vehicles even in the morning rush hours. At the ground floor of the building there are commercial premises where all the services necessary for the comfortable living of the residents of the 63 RESIDENCE will be developed. On the thirteen floors are above a total of 78 apartment area located. The residential floors are serviced by a vertical communication core consisting of a staircase and two elevators for 8 (630 kg) and 10 (1000 kg) people. The external metal emergency staircase is located at the southwester end of the building and there is an easy access to from the hallways of each floor providing the highest level of emergency evacuation.